Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's More Than A Bike

Recently I purchased a bicycle. Little did I know that my car would break down only a few days later, leaving my to ride my bike everywhere. I couldn't have asked for a better present. In the past 3 weeks of not having a vehicle I've learned to be much more independent. 

I wake up every morning at 6:45, put on my thermal underwear and layers of gloves and such, and make my way to the bus stop. At 7:20 I make it to the bus stop and take the half hour bus ride to downtown Indianapolis, where I get off and ride my bike to IUPUI's campus for class. Then after class most days I head to work across downtown. After work I ride to the bus, take it back to Greenwood, then sprint the 4 miles to my house on my bike.

Sounds kind of gruesome, but really, it isn't. I'm in really good shape and I feel better all the time. My energy has gone through the roof, and my group of friends that rides bikes is getting closer and more important to me.

As I write this I'm in a one-bedroom apartment with 20 of my friends that drove up from Nashville, TN for this weekend's bike show and festivities downtown. I'll post pictures of this weekend when I have real time to post.

For now, here's a picture of me and my bike, lovingly named "Moto Moto" (because it's a Motobecane and also because of Will I. Am's character in Madagascar 2).

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What's in a name?

The versatile DLN
(Multifaceted, sensitive, mentally quick, procrastinating, restless, indiscreet)


When the dominant, durable, dignified letter D teams up with the letter of love, life, liberty, libido, lyrical and learning, the resulting combination generates the benign and devoted tones found in the words: delightment, delirious, delicate, docile, idol, fondle, and kindly. But in as much as the letter N is associated with all things negative (no, never not, nix, nada, naught), these names also imply an individual beset by bouts of pessimism and self-doubt. Consequently, while DLNs might make great engineers, teachers and doctors, they're really better suited as artists, writers and political and environmental activists.

DLNs feel a great sense of responsibility for their fellow huyman beings, and whether or not they choose religion as their spiritual compass, they live by a strict personal code that puts compassion and empathy over vengence and retribution. This belief system comes from a thinking mind and not from any bleeding heart, and you can depend on a DLN to put friendships over money every time. 

And yet there's a bit of a dark streak to these people, for DLNs have an unusual fascination for strangeness, mystery, and even violent behavior. Not that they would participate in this world mind you; they're simply responding to some deep voyeuristic urge. So if you're dating a DLN, you might want to choose the movies you rent lest you be subjected to every Friday the 13th movie ever made. On the bright side, many DLNs channel their dark sides into their creative endeavors as artists and writers.

DLN's native caution is especially evident in their intimate relationships, where it's rare for them to enter into serious relationships until they've matured. But DLNs have plenty to occupy their time, for as students of life, they're always reading, traveling or watching the History Channel's gladiator specials to broaden their horizons. Where family is concerned, DLNs are loyal to a fault. This doesn't mean you'll receive unbridled affection fromt hese sometimes-taciturn people, who tend to be miserly in matters of love and dole out affection as if it were in limited supply, but you will be able to count on them to stand up for you, even if they know you're in the wrong.

In relationships, DLNs make for steady and charming mates, willing to endure routine (like putting the kids to bed) in order to get the fun stuff (like putting their partners to bed). But as relaxed and carefree as DLN mates can be, they tend to flip into single-minded stress mode when things aren't going well financially. Children seem to mitigate these tensions in their lives, and DLNs are superbly equipped to raise them with understanding and intelligent discretion.