Sunday, March 29, 2009

Show Up Classic Pt. II

So this weekend was sprints and a hill climb in Bloomington.

I didn't do well. I don't want to talk about it. I feel fat haha.

But here's everyone that showed:

And then it happened:

Mom, I know you're proud.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bike Race, Chicago, Movie and Swayze

Last Friday Indianpolis had our first Alley Cat race of 2009! It was roughly 20 miles and had 20-25 participants. I finished in the front of the pack at 8th place. 4th through 9th place all showed up at the same time and it was a dead sprint once we ran up the stairs to get on our bikes and to the finish line. It was amazing. Even though I got hit by a car, fell down twice, and got a cramp in my side after the red bull chug. Here's the flyer:

I know, it says was a typo.

Tuesday my friend Eric Boes and I decided to drive from Indy to Chicago to ride our bikes around the city on St. Patrick's Day. We parked on 21st street near his friend's house and rode downtown, about a 5 mile ride. Then we rode down the lake shore and back downtown and back to Lincoln Park and then back downtown. Then back to Pilsen (21st st) and then took the El to Wicker Park. We stayed at a friend's there and had to ride all the way from Wicker Park to Pilsen at 7 AM...probably about a 12-13 mile ride. So I'd say it was about 50 miles all together. It was a good day but I was happy to get back to Indy and sleep!

Last night Allison and I went to see The Last House On The Left. It was a GREAT movie, but not for the faint of heart. If you like to get your heart pumping, go see it. If graphic movies aren't your thing, stay away.

My mom drove from Bremen to Carmel today and I met her at Goodwill so she could pick Swayze up. Sucks, but it'll be good not to have to worry about Swayze for a while. Plus, my sister is going to be happy about having a dog around that is SOOOOO awesome.

Here's swayze:

She's fully grown, too! How perfect.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Escalators, School, and a New Job

First of all, I'd like to say to everyone that stands on escalators...MOVE! Man, I'm always trying to get up the escalator to the 4th floor of the student center at IUPUI and have to stand behind people as I passive aggressively sigh behind them. Sometimes I even clear my throat. DON'T THEY GET THE HINT? I'm just saying...don't stand on the moving sideWALK and don't stand on escalators...and don't fart in the elevator (unless it could get solid if you don't). is getting a little rougher. But don't worry mom! I'm paying attention and doing my best to stay studious. Tonight I had to interview someone about how they feel about personal space. I did the interview 2 inches away from his face.

In other news, I got a job at Pita Pit downtown! I'll be a deliverer. Which means that I'll be able to learn the streets of the city better and maybe work up my endurance. Either that or I'll get hit by a car. Speaking of which, my mother insists I get a helmet for when I ride so does anyone have any idea of what kind of helmet I should get? I want something round, like a mountain bike helmet...not so into the road bike helmets. Maybe I'll just get a time trial helmet and look shweet.

link of the entry:

Oh, and doesn't this look like fun? (That's me in the gray hoodie)

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Oh my. Where do I even begin? This weekend has left me almost speechless. I suppose I'll to a little background and get into the pictures.

This weekend was the NAHBS (North American Handmade Bike Show). People from all over the country (and world) came to Indianapolis' convention center to show off their handmade bikes, frames, apparel, etc. So of course, a lot of friends were in town and I met too many people to even begin to name.

So I'll start at the beginning and do my best to briefly explain.

That's Joe. He owns Joe's Bicycles in Fountain Square. And that's the back of his shop.

Shawn decided to ride his clown bike to critical mass, which was awesome. Critical Mass is where people who live around Indianapolis that ride bikes meet downtown and ride around to show people that we're here and we have as much right to the roads as they do.

That's about a quarter of the people who went to critical mass...if that. There were 100+ people there.

This is Gold Sprints. Those bikes are hooked up to rollers and the rollers have gauges on them that measure how many rotations the roller has made. So the riders raced to see who got to a certain number of rotations first. It was a long night of madness.

This is the group of people crammed into the room to watch Gold Sprints. The screen on the wall showed who was in the lead during the whole race, so you knew what the race was like.

Then finally I met up with the kids (16 of them) from Nashville that came into town. Pictured is Jimmy...he's awesome.

All of the Nashville kids and I stayed the night at Bryan's house. It was amazing. But that many guys and that many bikes make for cramped quarters. Luckily I staked my spot out early in Bryan's room.

Bryan decided to DJ until 5 a.m...amazing.

The next morning we rode (across the street...long ride ha) to Acapulco Joe's for food and coffee.

Nate, Bryan, and Tyler. Bryan is a good friend and lives here in Indianapolis. The other two were from Nashville. This was taken on the way to Joe's while we stopped at a convenience store.

These were all the bikes already locked up in the convention center downtown! All of the spots were taken so we all had to just lock up outside! Holy cow!

They had some AMAZING handmade bikes there...but these were my favorite.

This was only about a quarter of the people that showed up for the MACAFRAMA premiere. Macaframa is of sorts about cyclists in San Francisco. If you're interested search youtube for macaframa.

After Macaframa we headed to PanAm plaza to trick around before heading to Front Page to party with DJ Metrognome.

And there's me and Dano at Front Page.

And that was my weekend! I may tell more about it later...but I need to leave (no internet at home).

Keep checking back!